Regarding your question, we would like to let you know about 2 websites.

1. For dried and salted gingers, there is no specific standard based on the JAS-law (or the Law concerning Standardization and Proper Labelling of Agricultural and Forestry products). However, if someone wants to distribute them as food, dried and salted gingers should follow “Quality Labelling standard for fresh foods” and“ Quality labelling standard for processed foods”. You can get the information for these standards from: of JAS.htm

2. For dried gingers and salted gingers, there is a regulation in the Plant Protection Law. Dried gingers are treated as the plant which should be examined at the timing of import. The importer should attach the Phytosanitary certificate to the merchandice and the examination at the plant protection office. For the salted gingers, please contact the contact person (e-mail:, whether the examination for plant protection would be needed or not. For your reference, please see: The website: would also be useful.